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What is the Personal Asset Management Tool

Your Personal Asset Management Tool has been designed to be an interactive, dynamic resource for you.

You can add your own notes to each page, view them, print them so what you learn can be personalised for your benefit.

You can add other resources as you find them online in the form of webpages, pdf ebooks, audio or video.

As an example, you could add the login page to your bank accounts, your login page to your share trading site, the main page for your favourite real estate agent or any other resource you want at your finger tips.

These resources could be already on your computer or they might be online, it doesn't matter you can still add them in.

Since these may change over time, your added resources are editable so you can adjust to the changes. The included resources also are dynamic links so they can change over time as well.

Managing you assets takes time and attention to detail, if you can't find the details you can't manage your assets well. The Personal Asset Manager keeps all the details you want in one single, simple and easy to use file.

Is the Personal Asset Manager Safe?

Since you could be adding sensitive details to your Personal Asset Manager in your notes you are responsible for your own security. None of your details are available outside of your computer and you should make sure that you keep your computer secure.

This is a different issue, more information can be found at Spam-Killa PC protection tool. Download the iso file, burn it to a CD and you'll have information and tools to protect your PC.

The pages and tools provided in the Personal Asset Manager are fully safe and secure, the ones you add are as safe as the webmasters have made them.

In short, yes the Personal Asset Manager is as safe as your PC.

Will the Personal Asset Manager make me more money?

Not on it's own. It is just a tool to help you make more money. What it will do, if you use it well, is keep you more efficient and make making more money easier and quicker for you.

Why is the Personal Asset Manager Free?

It was a difficult question for me to answer initially, what should I charge for this tool. To be totally honest with you I thought that by charging a higer price, people would be more likely to use this tool.

Problem with that is that access to the tool is then limited to only those who have the capacity to pay and there are far more people who could use this tool than can afford to pay for it.

By making it a free download it is then affordable for everyone. Make the most of my generosity, it may not last ;-).

Won't everyone using the Personal Asset Management Tool be targetting the same resources?

Realistically, only about 20% of those who download this will use it anyway and all of those will use and customise it differently and achieve different results, competition for resources is unlikely to be an issue.